Our mandate

We represent the South African Department of Trade and Industry (the dti). Our key objectives are:

• to promote investment from Belgium and Luxembourg in South Africa;
• to promote the export of South African goods and services to Belgium and Luxembourg;
• to represent South Africa’s trade and economic interests vis-à-vis the European Union.


Our Services

Investing in South Africa

• Provide information on investment opportunities and the business environment.

• Arrange investment missions and seminars.

• Provide information on incentive packages.

• Match investors with potential joint venture partners.

• Offer guidance on locating in South Africa.

• Information and resources are available here:

Buying from South Africa

• Match buyers with suppliers.

• Provide information on capability/capacity of various sectors or industries.

• Organize buying missions to South Africa.

• Support buyers in attending certain trade shows and exhibitions in South Africa.

Selling in Belgium and Luxembourg

• Provide information on prospective buyers, agents, wholesalers and distributors.

• Facilitate trade missions and seminars.

• Encourage buyers to attend trade shows and exhibitions.

• Provide market reports for certain products and services.

Trade policy

• Offer advice on the common trade policies of the European Union and the effect it may have on South Africa’s exports to all 27 member states of the EU.

• Promote and defend the free trade agreement between South Africa and the EU.

• Advertise and promote important trade and economic events in South Africa, Belgium and Luxembourg.