Trade and industrial policy

• This is the responsibility of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti).
• The current Minister of Trade and Industry is Dr. Rob Davies.
• The main policy directives of the department are contained in the National Industrial Policy Framework, Industrial Policy Action Plan: 2012-13 to 2014-15, and the South African Trade Policy and Strategy Framework.
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Mining and minerals

• Mr. Ngoako Ramatlhodi is the Minister of Mineral Resources of South Africa.
• She pronounced as follows at the 2012 Mining Indaba Conference held in Cape Town:
“In the midst of a debate about nationalisation, we have consistently maintained that nationalisation is not the policy either of the ANC or the government of South Africa. I welcome the fact that the report of the ANC’s Task Team on nationalisation has reinforced the ANC’s earlier decisions that nationalization is not a viable policy for South Africa”.
• The Government’s industrialisation policy calls for a paradigm shift in mineral development, strategic investment in assets to maximize long term growth, enhanced value of exports and opportunities for sustainable jobs. This beneficiation strategy offers huge opportunities for both local and foreign direct investment.
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Economic development policy

• Responsibility for coordinating the country’s New Growth Path lies with the Department of Economic Development.
• The current Minister of Economic Development is Mr. Ebrahim Patel.
• The department also oversees the work of key state entities and programmes engaged in economic development, e.g. the Industrial Development Cooperation, providing finance for industrial development in South Africa and the rest of Africa (, the Competition Commission (; and the Infrastructure Development Programme.
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Fiscal Policy

• Fiscal policy is the responsibility of the National Treasury of South Africa.
• The current Minister of Finance is Mr. Nhlanhla Nene.
• National Treasury’s policy directives are mainly contained in the statements on the national budget.
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Monetary Policy

• Monetary policy is the responsibility of the South African Reserve Bank, i.e. the central bank of the Republic.
• The current Governor of the Reserve Bank is Dr. Gill Marcus.
• The primary purpose of the bank is to achieve and maintain price stability. The main policy directives of the bank are contained in the statements of the Monetary Policy Committee.
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Long term economic planning

• The National Planning Commission (NPC) of SA.
• The NPC is responsible for developing a long term vision and strategic plan for South Africa.
• On 11 November 2011 the Commission published its vision and plan for 2030.
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