To be an effective link between the South African health sector and its international partners, in particular the European Union and its Member States, in order to realise the national goal of “a long and healthy life for all South Africans”, and the international goal of “universal health coverage” in all countries.
Obectives (Mandate)


  • Cooperation with the European Union and its member states on public health policy and the development of information based health programs
  • Mobilisation of technical, knowledge and financial resources for the strengthening of health systems
  • Collaboration with partners on innovation, research and new technologies to improve health systems and the quality health services
  • Facilitation and strengthening of liaisons between South African knowledge institutions and their international counterparts, particularly in Europe

Strategic Programmes

Health systems development and strengthening

Development Cooperation activities with partners are focussed on mobilizing support and resources for, and sharing experiences and expertise on:

  • Strengthening of the primary health care (PHC) system of service delivery
  • Development and strengthening of adequately resourced district health services (DHS) and fully operational and accountable district health authorities (DHA)
  • Establishment of a national health insurance (NHI) to finance universal health coverage and equitable access to health services
  • Development of sustainable programs for the recruitment, development and retention of human resources for health (HRH)

Innovation, research and technological co-operation

Activities are directed at collaboration (to strengthen health service delivery) in the following areas:

  • Health systems development – promotion, preventative, curative and rehabilitative services
  • Essential health technologies- diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory
  • Future technologies – e-Health, m-Health and Telemedicine solutions;
  • Twining of knowledge institutions in South Africa with those in the EU Member States, for the sharing of expertise, experience and institutional capacity building

International health relations and initiatives

Participation at various international forums to advocate for universal health coverage , access to quality health care services, and the need to increase the collective global effort in addressing the social determinants of health.

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