South Africa calls on Egyptians to refrain from violence

The South African Government expresses its deep concern at the high number of deaths amongst protestors demonstrating against the unconstitutional removal of Egypt’s elected President, Mr Mohamed Morsi. Violence against a legitimate protest does not further the cause of democracy or contributes towards healing the differences between the people in a polarised society such as Egypt. The democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people can only be addressed through an all-inclusive legal process that will bring about a sustainable democratic future.
The South African Government wishes to express its support for the United Nations Secretary-General’s call on the authorities in Egypt to ensure respect for the rule of law and international human rights standards. The South African Government calls on all relevant parties to engage in an inclusive political process that would lead to constitutional normality. South Africa joins the call by the international community for the unconditional release of President Morsi and all other political prisoners held in detention since the unconstitutional change of Government on 3 July. Furthermore, the Government of South Africa also calls on all parties to refrain from acts of violence and retribution.
The South African Government encourages all Egyptians to embrace the spirit of national reconciliation which would contribute positively to the future peace and stability of Egypt. In this regard, South Africa is ready to assist Egypt in sharing our experiences and practices.
The South African Government wishes to reiterate the view that the unconstitutional removal of the democratically elected President and the suspension of the constitution of Egypt are in breach of the norms and standards adopted by the African Union (AU).
For more information, please contact Mr Clayson Monyela, 082 884 5974